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    Tianyang Law Firm, established on April 8, 1994 with the approval of the national securities regulatory agencies, is one of the first batch of law firms engaged in legal services in securities. It has successively established its professionalized, standardized and modernized practice institutions on a large scale in Urumqi and Beijing.     
    Tianyang itself is a term symbolizing broadness, eternality, strength and justice. The undertaking upon Tianyang will be always flourishing like the rising sun, as embodies Tianyang people’s persistent pursuit of excellence of their undertaking. For years, Tianyang has been adhering to the development concept of basing its undertaking on professional competence, building up its undertaking with professional ethics and prospering its law firm ...

Tian Wei
Full-time lawyer License No.: 11101200610941455 ◆Education background Undergraduate of Law of China University of Political Science & Law and Beijing Jiaotong University, PETS 4 ◆Business expertise legal affairs of company, stock ownership, investment and financing, real estate, lawsuit and non-lawsuit.
Zhang Lu
Full-time lawyer License No.: 11101200510655073 ◆Education background Undergraduate of Law ◆Business expertise agent for economic lawsuit of civil and commercial cases and legal affairs in non-lawsuit.
Zhang Baohua
Full-time lawyer License No.: 11101200520999149 ◆Education background Doctor of Law ◆Business expertise establishment of company, restructuring and reorganization of enterprise, issuing and listing, mergers and acquisition, securities, due diligence and disposal of non-performing financial assets
Zhang yang
Full-time lawyer License No.: 11101200611881136 ◆Education background Undergraduate of Law of Northwest University of Politics & Law, PETS 4 ◆Business expertise Adept in flow of court and practical applications of law and regulations of company, drafting of various documents and legal texts; with strong expressing and communication abi.
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